The Hidden Book in the Bible

Renowned biblical sleuth and scholar Richard Elliott Friedman reveals the first work of prose literature in the world-a 3000-year-old epic hidden within the books of the Hebrew Bible. Written by a single, masterful author but obscured by ancient editors and lost for millennia, this brilliant epic of love, deception, war, and redemption is a compelling account of humankind’s complex relationship with God. Friedman boldly restores this prose masterpiece-the very heart of the Bible-to the extraordinary form in which it was originally written.


“Richard Elliott Friedman is that rare biblical scholar who is both able to address a broad audience and willing to raise large speculative issues about the Bible…a challenging, exhilarating theory that will force biblical scholars to rethink some basic assumptions…a bold thesis that should give everyone pause.” — Robert Alter, the New York Times Book Review

“[Friedman’s] work is poised to produce one of those once-in-a-generation breakthroughs, after which the field of study can never look the same again.” — H. G. M. Williamson, Regius Professor of Hebrew, Oxford University